Igun-Eronmwon Quarters or Igun Street

Igun-Eronmwon Quarters known as Igun Street is considered as a Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. It confirmed by the words which proudly etched on the arched open gateway of the street: "Home of the Guild of Benin Bronze Casters: World Heritage Site" The quarters is home to brass/bronze casting industries in Benin City and gives an opportunity to witness bronze casting in its various stages and buy any piece of your choice. It’s the home guild of Benin Bronze casters with various popular bronze works of kings, queens, other notable royalties and other artistic motif to explore.

The exact origin of bronze casting in Benin kingdom is hard to establish but it is known that the art has been in practice from primordial reign of the Ogisos, the first royal dynasty without any break though with discernible chronological stages of development. This ancient craft has been passed from generation to generation continually to this day. A secretive guild, the bronze casting members are related by a common ancestry and descended of the Ine Nigun; the custodian of the street and the bronze casters. Historically, the Oba of Benin controlled the guild and no one had any right to own any of the production process in those days except with his permission. However, after the British invasion of Benin Kingdom, members of the guild spread out to neighboring places and there set up shop and continued practicing their arts. With order restored in the Kingdom, some came back and have remained here, casting and making their marvelous art.

Igun-Eronmwon Quarters is home to the bronze casting guild and industries and one of the most patronized tourist attractions in Benin Kingdom.

In the case you would have an opportunity to visit it, we give you the full address of Igun-Eronmwon Quarters: Igun Street, Off Sakpoba Road, By Ring Road Roun about, Benin, Edo State. One more useful tips before visiting Igun street: take care of your possessions, there are many people there and not less pick-pockets; have enough cash for shopping because local tradesmen are not accepted electronic payments; don’t walk the streets at night without a strong local guide; best time for visiting Igun-Eronmwon Quarters every day from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; take camera to make bright and unique photos!